Professional Residential Carpet Cleaning is the only way to keep all your carpets throughout the house and office in the best shape and look. We highly recommend that you hire Sydney affordable carpet cleaning on a regular basis to keep it clean and hygienic. Our carpet cleaning and Residential cleaning professionals in Castle Hill, Stanhope Gardens, and Bella Vista are well experienced and trained in any type of carpet cleaning either natural or fiber. When you order a Residential carpet cleaning service in Parramatta and Penrith, we dispatch you a team of people who first determine and explain what level of cleaning it requires and how much it cost generally.

Residential carpet cleaning service provided by us Dev Cleaners in Parramatta and Penrith helps to remove up to 97% of dirt and bacteria from the carpet and turns it into nothing less than fresh and new. And the service is done by a highly professional and trained team of people who expertise the same and provide you the usability within 12 to 24 hours from the time of cleaning.

Our carpet cleaning services provided by Dev Cleaners in Castle Hill and Bella Vista is thoughtful and professional. We move furniture and other particles from the carpet first and then dirt, drain and debris. Also any types of stain are treated differently and on priority before starting full carpet cleaning. Our carpet Residential cleaning team in Stanhope Garden, Blacktown, Sydney does the next step is to clean the carpet with a dedicated and specialized carpet Residential cleaning machine. Once the entire process is done, the wet carpet is extracted for water thoroughly.


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  • Castle Hill
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  • Bella Vista
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  • Penrith


Our carpet cleaning service in locations like Blacktown and Castle Hill are professional and affordable. We provide one time cost with no hidden fees and charges. Also there will be no bait and switch once the cleaning task is assign. The service in Stanhope Garden and Bella Vista for carpet cleaning is eco-friendly, we take extra care to clean your carpet allergen and bacteria free without use of harsh chemicals. We offer competitive price with combo deals, specially designed for Parramatta and Penrith customers who are looking for multiple cleaning services at home or office. Also when it comes to cleaning carpet with Residential and hot water, experience does matter a lot. And this is where Dev Cleaners differs from others, as our certified cleaning professionals in Blacktown are guided with knowledge and experience both.

We trust our ability to deliver best quality cleaning job with 100% customer satisfaction. Our team is professional, experienced, skilled and hard working to ensure we are always your first choice for carpet Residential cleaning.


We use Residential carpet cleaning method for cleaning carpet. Also it includes non-toxic eco-friendly cleaning agent which are safe for home and office. Our carpet cleaning team in Stanhope Gardens and Penrith are occupied with cleaning truck mounted with heating unit that boil the water just to right temperature. We use the water temperature and cleaning method which is rightly approved and recommended by almost all carpet manufacturer.

We start with inspection of the carpet to be Residential cleaned and provide full pricing details to customers. Then we discuss the process involves into it and answer the if any queries raised by customers. Once all set and approved from client’s end, we start the process by removing furniture and other articles from the carpet. Our team of carpet Residential cleaners in Castle Hill start with stains and other areas of concern to make sure even cleaning throughout the carpet. We use the rightly boiled water with water extraction method and eco-friendly cleaners. We kept your furniture back on original location and apply deodorizer over the carpet.

We charge on the size of the carpet, which is generally counted on sq. feet. Our team of carpet cleaners in Blacktown, Castle Hill and Parramatta measures the size of the carpet first and gives you the complete price before they start Residential cleaning.

Drying period is generally depends on humidity, open airflow and type of carpet. However it typically takes 20 to 24 hours to dry, you can carefully start using it as soon as we finish the job with ultra care.