Most of the Truck Mounts On The Market Have A Maximum Heat Level Of 60 Degrees. This Level of Heat Will NOT Gives You The Optimum Level Of Clean.

We have 370 SS Truck Mount machines which produce a constant heat level of 150 degrees Celsius.

What that means for you is a guaranteed deep down clean of any carpet, rug, lounge, or mattress we clean.

The Sapphire Scientific 370SS Truck Mount is:

  • Prized as the best carpet cleaning method by major carpet manufacturers.
  • Powerful extraction supports a short drying time.
  • Legendary in flood clean-ups.
  • Thoroughly deep cleans brighten and sanitizes.
  • Optimizes indoor air quality – stale, germ-laden air is discharged outdoors.
  • Proven superior soil, spot, stain, odor, pathogen, and allergen removal.
  • Makes everything look, feel and smell like new!