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Looking for a low-cost carpet cleaning service in Parklea? Dev Carpet Cleaning is the affordable and expert carpet cleaner you’ve been waiting for. We promise that we will do best service and will provide you a great customer service each and every time. Our carpet cleaning service is capable of removing tough stains and spots from your carpeted area, whether you require regular carpet steam cleaning or a one-time steam cleaning. One thing is for sure, carpets can definitely get dirty very fast, either by stains, dirt particles or bad odours, and you surely don’t want that lingering around. It is one of the most used items within the home, being a filter for almost anything that embraces it. Dog hair, dirt, sweat, food bits, dust…the list goes on! There’s no excuse, they need to be cleaned and maintained frequently if you desire a dirt and dust-free living environment for the family and employees. Please call Dev Carpet cleaning Parklea, we are more than happy to assist in Carpet Steam Cleaning, Upholstery Steam Cleaning, Mattresses Steam Cleaning or Tiles and Grout Cleaning. 


Dev Carpet cleaning Parklea uses a very powerful Sapphire Scientific 370SS Truck mount. The majority of Dev Carpet Cleaning’s jobs are completed with a truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine.


Why Choose Dev Carpet Cleaning Parklea:

  • We do our own work and we do not subcontract
  • We use a powerful truck mount machine
  • We use our own power (machine run on patrol)
  • We Pre-Spray all your carpet (With Deodorizing)
  • We do Stain Removal Treatment
  • We use child safe and bio degradable products
  • Free estimate & same day service
  • A New Look.  Your room will look completely different with clean carpets!
  • All Our staff members are fully trained
  • No more allergens.  When our professionals are done, you and your family will breathe easier.
  • Organic cleaning.  No harmful chemicals are used during the cleaning process.
  • Harmful bacteria gone. Your carpets will be entirely disinfected by our process.
  • We provide excellent customer service



  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Mattresses Steam Cleaning, Rug Steam Cleaning
  • Stain removal Treatment including pet urine
  • Portable equipment available when needed
  • $20 million dollar public liability insurance
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • 24/7 Emergency Flood Damage, Flood Restoration Cleaning
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable chemicals
  • Quick drying time
  • Professional and friendly technicians
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Commercial & Domestic
  • Truck Mounted equipment
  • Certified by ITI
  • Available on-call 24/7


Our expert cleaners will help you extend the life of your carpet or upholstery by restoring the attractive characteristics and adding new life to your luxurious carpet floor or upholstered lounge that is free of stains. This is the kind of assurance we can provide when it comes to our  Parklea carpet cleaning services.

Our approach to the cleaning process follows an innovative and proven methodology that utilises advanced and latest technology and equipment but also confirms to all kinds of safety guidelines. We are one of the best carpet cleaning service in  Parklea available that include spot/stain removal treatment & deodorizing in the price.

We understand that you may have some fine and delicate upholstery or carpets; there are various fabrics, kinds, and weaves that we handle and carefully clean with extreme caution. To ensure that there is no risk of damage, each variety will have its own cleaning technique. They’re important to you, so they’re important to us as well.


Our stain removal professionals are pleased to provide professional advice or quotes if you have any additional queries about our carpet cleaning  Parklea service.



Apart from carpet cleaning, Dev Carpet Cleaning Parklea Services offers a wide range of services. These services are:


  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Flood Restoration Services
  • And much more!

You want your carpet and upholstery to be in excellent condition and free of stains and blemishes. They make the house feel warm and inviting, and they make the room feel like home. This is also true in the office; rather than dreaming of a cleaner, luscious carpet, take action today and have your stains removed to make your dream a reality.

Dev Carpet Cleaning Parklea will follow steps to follow while Carpet Steam cleaning your carpet:

Here are the 7 steps that Dev Carpet Cleaning Parklea will follow for your carpet or upholstery steam cleaning job.

Step 1: Moving the furniture

It is difficult to clean the carpet when part of it is under the table. Remove furniture and other households overlying the carpet to you want to clean. We ask our clients tidy up carpeted area and move furniture away from carped area. Our carpet tech will help you to move basic furniture.

Step 2: Vacuum Carpeted Area

To remove debris and loose material such as hair, dust, and soil particles, vacuums the room quickly before beginning the carpet cleaning process. If you vacuum simply the carpet, loose particles may flow down from the rest of the room to the carpet. Vacuuming the entire carpeted area is therefore recommended. Our carpet cleaning team always perform pre-vacuum before any carpet cleaning job.

Step 3: Stain Removal Treatment

Then, our carpet cleaning team will perform stain removal treatment. We have around 15 – 20 different stain removal for any coffee stain, juice or coca stain, ink stain, catch up or sauce stain, rust stain.

Step 4: Pre spray Carpet Shampoo:

It is important to understand the carpet or upholstery material whether it is natural thread or manmade thread. We have variety of pre spray as per as carpet or upholstery materials.  Our carpet cleaning team will pre spray entire carpeted area.

Step 5: Agitate the Carpeted Area:

It is very important to agitate your carpet before starting a steam cleaning. We have carpet agitation brush and some case we use Polivac with nylon brush to agitate dirty carpet.

Step 6: Carpet Steam Cleaning:

Now our team will perform a very important step Steam Cleaning of your carpet. We recommended steam water while steam cleaning step. That’s why we use Shaphire 370 SS powerful truck mount carpet steam clearing machine which produce more than 120 degree hot steam for your carpet steam cleaning. Around 90% to 95% of our carpet steam cleaning job done by our truck mount machine. We only use portable machine where our tuck mount machine doesn’t reach like high rise apartment building.

Step 7: Drying Your Carpet

Allow air in the room by turning on the fans and opening the door. Carpets dry faster when air blows on them. We can leave carpet blowers with extra cost. Let them dry for two to three hours depending on weather conditions and carpet materials.


Carpet cleaning is no longer a difficult task, but it does require the use of a proper machine and knowledge of appropriate chemicals. Our experienced carpet steam cleaning staff has the expertise to clean your carpets to the highest standards. ITI Australia has trained the majority of our carpet cleaning trephinations. If you have any additional queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Carpet Cleaning Parklea’s knowledgeable staff.


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